Sunday, 16 May 2010

Its a Dogs Life

I've decided to form a coalition with the dog. I've got some difficult decisions to make and He seems to have it sussed. He sleeps all day and only wakes to be fed and walkies. Then its all about chasing his ball but refusing to bring the ball back. It's his moment of the day when it's his game and his rules although you could say he rules the day anyway. He sleeps when he wants but apart from that he's fairly content to let me dictate the rest.

Whys he so bloody content?
What does he know that I don't?

You'd think that perhaps the stark knowledge of his own mortality would spur him into sweating (or panting) over some great piece of doggy art or furthering the desperate cause for doggy rights or fighting the seemingly ne'er ending battle between the canine and their feline counterparts.
Where's the great doggy Poets, Politicians or philosophers? Do you think the Andrex puppy is like some doggy Justin Beiber? Perhaps unbeknown to us our pooches have a secret stash of old andrex wrappers that they hang up and swoon over when we're all in bed.

Somehow I think not.

No dogs have it sussed. You'd think he might be awake more often contemplating life but perhaps he has and realised its not worth it. They don't worry themselves about trivia like ambition self fulfilment or philanthropy. They jus go for the basics. A full tummy and something to amuse them in-between the sleeping and the filling.
They have an acute sense of timing. You can set you clock for 3.30 by the howls that emanate for dinner at that time but that sense of timing does not extend to an urgent need to leave a dent on history. He's happy just to leave his temporary mark (twice a day)

So the votes are in and I have no option but to forge an alliance, a coalition to give it it's buzz word. I shall be endorsing and accepting some of the dogs polices and I hope he will reciprocate.
I'm a little unsure where he stands on the quality of Prince's output since Love-sexy but we do see eye to eye on sleeping and eating yet differ on quantity and amount.
He of course will eat anything including that moon rock like substance that they call 'biscuits'. Doesn't look anything like a Jaffa cake to me. I will endorse his right to eat biscuits but decline supporting the eating as such and at the point of the crucial vote, I shall look away and focus on something else while humming a merry toon so as not to upset the delicate balance of our fragile relationship.

But he's got me on the sleeping. 18 hours a day minimum has always sounded about right. Its a cliche but I gave up sleep for rock n roll, sleep when I'm dead an all that. Don't get me wrong I'm not an insomniac, far from it, never had a problem with that, off with fairies me as soon as the head hits the down. No there's too much to do, last one standing, first in line, people to see, places to go, Ive got no time to sleep but with my new found coalition with the dog perhaps I'll see the error o my ways and wake to a new dawn, metaphorically speaking, where I realise that sleeping 18 hours a day minimum is in fact what's best for the house and country as a whole. Let's face it why has 3 hours sleep a night got me? Big bags and a grumpy vibe in the morning. Yes I can get more done but perhaps like the dog it's jus not worth it


Perhaps I shall jus accept that me and the dog live in the same house and with an open mind we can make judgements and try to get along and that's about the size of it. He's not a dog and I'm not a person. We're both examples of a way to pass the time till we shuffle off this mortal coil and we can all learn from each other.

Labels can be misguiding and judgemental. We don't need Tories, Labour or Lib Dems, we need action. Necessity is the mother of invention. Its not a race so no one lost and no one won.
We should all just give these buggers a chance and see what they come up with. It'll probably just be the same crooked brown paper bag politics that we've always had but lets not fall at the first hurdle and judge them just because they are or are not following some rigid party line. We don't live in China for gawds sake. People can change their mind. We voted for ch ch change and we've got it. We're quite aware of what we're going through

Of course I, like the dog will metaphorically sleep through the next 5 years and come up smelling of roses.

Fasten seat belts, doors to manual...

Chucky B xx

Friday, 2 April 2010

Look at us we have a brand new website with bells which means we must be fucking amazing

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here to day to witness the joining of two parties in
holy union.
For too long we have all floated aimlessly through the clouds never quite knowing where we're going or where in fact we come from or who that bloke in the corner is who keeps eating all my chips
Well today is the first day of the beginning of the end of half term in the cycle of life known as closure. For today we all have a new home. Somewhere with nice bright colours, comfy cushions and always a cuppa when needed.

Today sees the launch of the brand spanking new Graffiti6 website. Yes we've finally got round to building one but you know Swindon wasn't built in a day. There was much heated debate about the over all colour scheme of the new site. Much has been made in recent years of the Magenta explosion, the mantra being keep it simple if u wish to rent or resale. Well let's just say right now that we are staying!! This is our home and we're not going anywhere so if we want to paint it black, pink and yellow then sod the lot of yer.

So here you will find Graffiti6 music, pix, vids, and gig info all for your pleasure and enjoyment. Feel free to use and abuse. Of course theres only a limited amount at the mo cos we're just to busy making THE BEST FUCKING ALBUM EVER AND THAT TAKES QUITE A LOT OF OUR TIME AND ALSO ITS EASTER AND EVERYBODY KNOWS I HAVE A QUITE SERIOUS CHOCOLATE ADDICTION AND CAN I STOP SHOUTING NOW PLEASE?

sorry had a bit of a heavy night last night....

All future competitions, blogs and news will come here first as well as shortly launching our luxury range of thongs, tea towels and hip replacements (yes wiggle with G6 like you've never wiggled before) from here

On another note we also managed to squeeze out only THE FIRST EVER GRAFFITI6 EP. A veritable smorgasbord of Riches for u lucky people. Heres a run down:

Stone in My Heart- When you spill all to the love of your life and they still turn round and walk away then where does that leave you? Why STRONGER AND WISER!! that's where.

Foxes- Foxes is about those rather unscrupulous individuals who will stop at nothing to get what/who they want yet are lost when they get it. Innocence is something you can never get back. Don't be quick to lose it

Stop Mary- A little communication is a good thing. Don't keep it all inside, it's not too late to be laughing

Starlight- You say never again, you go out then BAM, they got yer. I shouldn't fall for the Starlight in your eyes but i do it everytime

So there you have it. 4 little nuggets of pop love to dance around too. We've slaved for many hours to bring them to you.
Thank you to all who've bought it so far and what the bloody hell are you up to if you haven't??

Please don't forget to rate it and leave a comment so the undecided out there won't be undecided for long. Spread the word

Heres the itunes link

Our once monthly night 6AtThEViBeBaR is held on the last Thursday of every month. We've done two of them now, both wickedly busy and as anyone who came down to either will tell you its a mad blast of eclectic people and noise with us as the cherry on top. The idea is there is no idea, you won't know what to expect. we don't either half the time but be sure that the music will lift you heart and sooth you furrowed furrow.
Check here for updates to 6. Also join us on all these mediums

So there you have it. Once again a massive massive thank you to all those that support us and above all enjoy our output. Itsaluvthang for us and always will be

Oh and for all those with a humour tumour, yes it was a set up, yes it was supposed to be silly, no she isn't a stripper, what difference would that have made any way? No we definitely do not think our fans or the media are stupid (we're re evaluating this possibility though and will get back to you shortly with our findings)
and yes we and many others all thought it was funny so get over it

I funk u

Chucky Buttons xx